Wednesday 14 November 2012

Get In The Van, There's Free Candy

Have you seen this girl? What kind of vibe did you get?
The world is a sketchy place sometimes. It's sad but true. Today I frightened a girl by offering her a ride. This was a girl my age, who I see often, have small talk with, recognize well enough to smile at in public, and I creeped the creep right out of her.

Let's rewind here for a second (for anyone who doesn't know/remember, rewinding is when you use a remote control to have the recorded audio/video that you're enjoying go back to a spot in the tape that you've already seen). When did being nice to a stranger become the sketchy thing to do? The answer to that question is when a bad person realized that using niceties was an easy way to take advantage of others by catching them off guard. Was I trying to do this? Nope, but how would she know that? She did the smart thing by shooting me down and laughing an uncomfortable laugh.

The fact that being nice has become the modern version of being creepy is pretty sad. I know that it's better to be safe than sorry; for all this girl knew, I wanted to wear her face to a masquerade toe nail clipping collectors party later, but it's food for thought. Where and when is it okay to offer small niceties and favors to people? Do we basically have to date others to earn their friendship over time? At what point can we look at someone and say "Hey, you're just standing there in the cold with a bunch of bags in your hands, do you want a ride home"? Apparently I don't know the answer, because I may now need to frequent a different pharmacy to avoid being known as the girl who gives off the rape-y vibe. Pharmacy assistant lady, if you're reading this, I don't want to wear your face. You're pretty and all, but I'll stick with mine. I really did just  offer you a ride because you looked cold, but I understand why you got the wiggins. To anyone else out there reading this, I hope you're all having a lovely and un-creeped out day.

Hugs and poops,


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