Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How To Lower Your Holiday Shopping Stress

Must crochet all the things...
It's really easy to get stressed out about the holidays before they even get here. I know it's a bit early, but the craziness of this past weekend has me pretty convinced that some people need some calming down. So, without further adieu, here are the things I like to remember to help me get over the stress of shopping for the holidays:

1. Stop that!

Shopping should have nothing to do with this anyway. I know that everything has become a big commercial hoopla, but let's get one thing straight, the holidays are all about our respective beliefs and taking a break to spend time with people we really like. Yes, I shop, and I buy gifties for my close friends and family, but I don't have to, and they know that I don't need anything either. It's just a small gesture to say "hey, you're neat, thanks for doing that". No matter what your beliefs are, it's always good to have a few days to hug people and look at shiny objects.

2. There's a 99.9% chance that alcohol and/or delicious food is about to enter your face.

Even if you don't celebrate the holidays, they are borderline impossible to evade. Why not accept defeat and chow down on the free yummies/boozies that will be offered to you? Defeat that ends in enjoyment? Does that even count as defeat?

3. Don't push yourself.

I do this every year, I'm constantly trying to find the 'perfect' gift for everyone. It's normal to want someone to have a great reaction to whatever you give them, but you need to take about twenty steps back and remember that you're giving them something out of kindness and appreciation... meaning you probably like eachother. If something has meaning, it's about as perfect as you can get. You know something they need? Something that makes them laugh? Whatever you give them, should be appreciated (that's the message of the season, friends, appreciate!!).

4. Ask yourself: Am I The Grinch?

Do you appreciate everything you get? How about the time you get to spend with people? If you do, great! If not, ask yourself why. If you can lift your own spirits and get into things, your stress will diminish (at least a bit!) and you can focus on your real smile, instead of that fake one you always break out for pictures.

5. Just because money is a fun word to say, doesn't mean it's important.

Most of what I'm giving people this year is homemade, wrapped in homemade wrapping paper, with homemade gift tags. Things don't have to be expensive or really cost anything at all. The cards I make every year are made from scraps and sale things that I've picked up. I've never had anyone comment negatively about them. Infact, if people notice that the card is homemade, they often seem more appreciative. As I said before, the commercial aspect of the holidays is nowhere near as important as every other one (unless you're beliefs/traditons say otherwise). I'm a big believer in keeping things within your means, and giving what you have to give. I have a bunch of ideas of low budget gifts you can give (maybe I'll make a post of these ideas? What do you think?).

What stresses you out about the holidays? I'm trying to keep my brain as a stress free zone this year, so I'd love to hear what everyone else does to avoid/squish the stress.

Hugs and poops,



  1. Nikki....I cannot figure out how to join your blog thing ( maybe an age related issue). However, I had to comment cause I could not agree more. Wish I lived closer to you so I could see you at Christmas and give you some of the homemade stuff I made along with a big hug so you know how much I love you....ps I am too cheap to post the home made stuff I made to you...so you can imagine how nice it is. Love you Aunt Stephanie

    1. I'm using my imagination...annnnd...yes! Everything you made me is great! Thanks for the imaginary hug! haha
      I'm a cheapo too, so I understand perfectly.
      I update my Facebook page as soon as I post, so if you 'like' that page you should get a notification on your wall right away. I can also add way to subscribe by email, which I will go do right now! It really means a lot that you even read this thing, I appreciate it so much :)
      Love youuuuuuuuu

  2. I love to make really thoughtful handmade gifts, for any occasion really, but I am disorganised and..lazy.. so these exciting times end up being stressful and I end up feeling disappointed in myself. This year I'm cutting right back and only getting my kids and immediate family. The shopping aspect of Crimbo makes me hate it! People at work were bragging how much money they'd spent on their kids and I was stunned!
    So, yay for handmade and yay for true friends understanding gifts arent everything! x ps, yes, show us what you've made!

    1. Oh Lady, don't you feel disappointed in yourself!
      There's no way that anything you make won't be awesome! I mean, at the very least it will be funny, right? haha Kidding :)I'd love to see some of the stuff you make! Kids can be the hardest ones to please during the holidays, since TV and friends put certain things in their minds that they "should" get.
      I think you're right about cutting down. The whole gift giving thing is about showing appreciation, not just giving gifts to everyone. It's pretty lame that money (and the amount spent thereof) has become such an important part of the holidays, but there are still lots of people out there (like you and me) who want to keep it meaningful.
      I'm totally going to show you everything I've been making, but my sister, mom and bestie all read my blog, so I have to wait until later :). I could show the process of tag making and wrapping though, if you'd like? Just let me know!
      Thanks for commenting! I tried to check out your page but I couldn't find a link (that's not saying much, I'm terrible at hide and go seek). Do you have one?

  3. You are very right! I tend to shop online or buy neat things I find in my travels (now that I go on regular travels to cool places). At the same time, I make sure that what I'm buying isn't too expensive or useless. I only shop for family (and the in-laws of course).

    I would love to see your gift ideas! :)

  4. I made a page when I was (attempting to) start up a little business but family life got in the way so I took it all off, I'm hoping to kick start my creativity again in the new year, get some stuff churned out! Since I've discovered pinterest I've become a danger to myself! I'll let you know when its up and running and of course I'll shamelessly photo-gloat about what I've made, I'm modest like that....

    1. Pinterest is the best and the worst at the same time. I get lost poking around on there for hours!
      I look forward to seeing your stuff! I'll be one of your first subscribers, for sure!
      It's so hard to mix business and family, but I wish you luck with it! You need the children to get old enough so that they can be forced into helping.. ha ha
      That's why people have them, right? :)