Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekly Wants - Nov. 4

This week I made a list of beauty/style wants, but I can't seem to resist poking in something about pets. I have a one track mind!

1. Super comfy looking sweater. It doesn't matter how lazy you are when you look good doing it, right? 2. Real Techniques Brushes. One of my many jobs involved training to be a cosmetician. I'm obessed with Pixiwoo on YouTube, and I've been drooling over these brushes since they were first released. 3. Necklace. This is called 'the world's smallest violin', but it's definitely larger than the one my mom used to play for me! 4. Tights. Any tights that are inspired by Grimm's tales need to be loved. 5. Scrunchy socks. I've been looking for these for years! My mom got some for me for Christmas forever ago, and I couldn't find them anywhere! Why does international shipping have to be so hateful sometimes!? 5. Chapters for Critters. On November 18th, the Chapters on Kemount Road in St. John's is hosting this annual fundraiser. A percentage of all book sales on this evening go to Heavenly Creatures, a no-kill animal rescue charity. We've all got some shopping to do over the next couple of months, so if you know that you need to buy some books, why not grab them on the 18th? No extra charge to you, but a huge difference for someone else. That's it for my greedy rants tonight, what things are standing out to you guys right now? Is the fall influencing you to buy snuggly clothes?
Hope everyone is just great!

Hugs and poops,


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