Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Preparedness and Self Control

It has begun.

Yesterday I officially started my Christmas baking by preparing the dough for shortbread cookies and putting it in the freezer. Every Christmas I give friends and family cans of assorted homemade cookies, and every year I'm doing it last minute (no joke, I've actually delivered some of them while they were still warm).

Why freeze the dough for later you ask? Well, the cookies are fresher when I give them to people on Christmas Eve, it saves time later, and mostly because if they were baked, I'd eat them. All of them. Right now. This morning when I woke up, I put some serious consideration into thawing the dough and eating all the cookies for breakfast. I didn't, but it was a close call. I might need to get boyfriend to set booby traps, just incase I lose all control and start gnawing on the frozen dough chunk.

What are you favorite holiday snacks?

Hugs and poops,


P.S: I made caramels today. They aren't set yet, but I want to put them all in my face. Is there a patch for this?


  1. I wish there was a patch for that! Luckily there aren't many good cookies here in Italy. We bought a giant cupcake for dessert today, and it was pretty blah. Tasted like sweet bread covered in waxy icing, yuk.

    Just wait 'till I get home!

    1. You'll get at least three cavities just from one night at my house!