Sunday, 30 December 2012

Crochet Christmas Revisited

A few weeks ago I posted about a some crochet lights that I had done. When I got back to my hometown a few days ago, a friend mentioned how much she loved them. As a thank you for always being awesome, I decided that I'd make her a set, but there was a wee little problem - I only had my 6.5 crochet hook. If I were to do the same pattern with a larger hook, the bulbs would have been way too big (I know this because I actually tried... plop), so I altered the original pattern. Instead of increasing by six on each row, I increased by four.

Here's some crochet bibble babble for anyone out there who may be interested.


Chain 2
4 SC in the first chain,
Increase to 8 SC in row two
SC 8 in row three

Inc. to 12 SC in row four,
SC 12 in fow five
Inc. to 16 SC in row six
16 SC in row seven
Inc. to 20 SC in row eight
Now decrease to 16 SC in row nine
Dec. to 12 SC in row ten
Dec. to 8 in row eleven.

For the bulb base I just did the purple part of the pattern above.

For the cord I just did a chain of 12 between each base that I attached.

You'll end up with a skinnier light, but I'm pretty happy with the result (I hope my friend likes them!).
The bulbs before they're stuffed

Hugs and poops,



  1. Lol, your models are so enthusiastic! :D

    1. Yea.
      They just weren't feeling it like I was.