Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Test of the Gingerbread

Last night Claudia and I had our sanity and friendship tested by a gingerbread house. I'm happy to say that we passed with flying gumdrop colors (I knew we would!). Has anyone else put together a store bought gingerbread house lately? Holy turd sandwich, that thing did not want to stay together. There was a particulary tense moment (after the house had fallen apart for the THIRD time) when we seriously joked about breaking out the super glue. I think it turned out really well, but we are pretty certain that pictured house on the box is a lie.

Last night was an example of what I really feel this season is about. Dinner/time with friends, laughing, decorating, watching movies, and having the communal strength not to Hulk-out and squash a bunch of gingerbread into dust (I'm not crazy, it was frustrating!). I think I may have had one of those nights that you compare other nights to; it was that nice!

I hope that everyone has nights like these, and as often as possible!

Hugs and poops,



  1. We made one of those once, I don't remember it being that hard, but then again we didn't get reindeer with ours. I think the secret is to hold it for a bit and let the icing dry. At looks great at the end at least :)

    1. There was icing EVERYWHERE. haha
      The reindeer were hopeless. I don't think they stood for very long. I hope Claudia ate them for their disobedience :P

    2. Haha... it's the only thing you can do with disobedient reindeer...