Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Finds

Sweet Supplies Store - Doggy Tape
Okay, I know that tape is a weird thing to love, but I like craft tape a lot because it adds that little extra 'oo la la' to a project. The reason I love this particular roll of tape is pretty obvious... puppies!

Zooz Jewelry - Sterling Silver Dino Necklace
I had a really hard time picking just one design from this artist to share. I picked the T-rex for you, Marissa! There are so many cute designs, definitely go check them out!

Hooligan Alley - Acorn & Thimble Necklaces
How cute are these!? If you don't know the story behind these pendants and you enjoy a bit of whimsy, check out Peter Pan (it's one of my favorite movies).

Paperface Studio - Dandelion Necklace
I found a lot of beautiful pendants on my Etsy adventures this week! This dandelion necklace reminds me of running through the grass when I was a little kid. Great memories :)

Lenny Mud - Panda Mug
Who doesn't love a hot beverage and some cookies? I died laughing at this when I saw it, I'm not sure why. I think my brain reached an awesome overload and picked laughter as the knee jerk reaction.
Ovejita Be! - Owl Brooches
Aren't these brooches cute!? I have a nice little collection of brooches from Ovejita Be!, but I just can't stop adding to it. These owls have quickly been added to my 'want' list.

Remember when I said that every Wednesday I would update you guys on my attempts at healthy living? Well, I fell off the wagon and was eating lots of take-out food and goodies. I actually sat and glared at my elliptical trainer daily, but didn't use it. I'm officially two days in to my new eating/working out regiment, and this time I'm going to put some serious effort into posting updates on the blog (both good and bad results).

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Hugs and poops,


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  1. That Dino necklace is AWESOME!! It is too cute (and you put it up so I could see it :) )