Thursday, 14 April 2011

Boobs and Beers?

There are lots of creepy people in this world. Close talkers, public nose pickers, scab eaters and internet creepers are just some examples. I am an internet creeper. I blame this on the fact that I greatly lack social skills and thus have no real friends to visit/pester in person. 

Since I spend a lot of time not hanging out with people, I occupy myself by finding videos and blogs to follow on the internet. I pretend that they are my very bestest friends and that they care about my day and that we will have a tea party and that we will watch movies and that we will make cookies and that we will be together FOREVER

Not really, but I do follow some blogs and videos which have inspired me to stop creeping and start actually communicating. Of course by 'communicating' I mean start a blog of my own while still hiding from real flesh and blood people.
So, here I go world, Imma gonna reach out to you.

When I explained to my manfriend that I was going to start a blog, he informed me that I would need to blog about things that people like if I wanted anyone to start reading. He suggested titties. Done. Boobs and beers for everyone!! (In spirit, of course.)

(I would also like to take this moment to clarify that I don't think that people who eat scabs, pick noses or talk way too close to my face are terrible, but they are weird. If you do these things, you are aware of this, so go ahead, pick with pride, just brush your teeth before you get so close and don't offer to share your boogery/crusty findings.)

Hugs and poops,


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