Friday, 26 October 2012

Diabetes, Laughs and Hotness

While poking around Etsy and Pinterest, I found a few things that I am excited to share. Please note that all rights for these pictures and things belong to their respective owners, I'm simply posting these images to garner them more attention...and also to proclaim  my love.

Balding man note pads!? How are these not required in all offices?
 I found this image of an awesome note pad while I was browsing Pinterest, unfortunately, the photo didn't link to a site and it didn't come from the original pinner. Though I can't seem to figure out where to find these bad boys, I can assure you that the image of them will haunt my dreams until I'm able to hold them in my hands and proclaim "balding paper men for everyone!".

Sugar stuck to sugar with sugar? Amazing.

This is another Pinterest find that had an empty link. Maybe Pinterest is trying to be mysterious for Halloween? Anyway, I couldn't resist sharing this picture of candy corn-on-the-cob. Not only does this look like a sugar addicts dream, but I'm pretty sure that just one bite of this would give you full blown diabetes (and in a world where pretty much everyone has a health problem or two, this has to be the most awesome way to get one). Whoever thought of this, I salute you.

I would wear this until it rotted off my body.

This is an Etsy find that made my life better instantaneously
. Not only am I a huge Batman fan, but I'm also quite partial to the furry little winged critters that eat bugs. The shop is called Blonde on Blonde Clothing. I just happened upon it today, but I think I love this woman. This is only $30 bucks? Excuse me while I poop my pants and weep with joy.
You could probably wear just these and nothing else. Nobody notices nudity when your leg warmers are this bright.

My last find is another one from Etsy. GPyoga's shop is filled with really bright, fun and original jewellery/accessories. I don't know what I would wear them with, but I would wear'em! Sometimes you need to focus more on what makes you smile, and less on worrying about what everyone else is wearing. I love that these have pockets and a mix of patterns. I have a feeling that I would stash snacks in those pockets, so I hope the warmers are stretchy (to accomodate my growing physique).

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