Wednesday 7 November 2012

Fabulous Fat Days

Fat days. Ugh. If you're anything like me, you have days when you feel like you're comparable to this:
Not an actual photo of me.

On days like this you have two options, you can either get yourself out of the funk you're in, or you can give up and just allow your mental blubber to ensnare you. I won't lie, I've often chosen to just give up and spend the day in Poor Me Land (ever been there? Terrible weather). The much, MUCH better choice is to get up, get dressed, and stop feeling like you weigh more than Godzilla. First thing's first, your weight doesn't matter, it just doesn't. Unless your weight is stopping you from being active, you need to forget about it. Part of the reason 'fat days' exist, is because we (as a whole lump of people) have decided that a certain shape and size is perfect, and that we don't fit into that mould. There's no such thing as a perfect shape, that's why there are so many different styles of clothing! Take all of the stress off of yourself right now. Figure out your shape and find clothing that's made to flatter that shape. There is actually clothing out there that's MEANT to make you look great, doesn't that take the pressure off?

Since there are so many different body types, I'll show you how I figured mine out, and how I find clothing that should make me look like a million bucks.

Grab a measuring tape. First and foremost, you need three measurements: your bust, waist and hips.
1. To measure your bust, make sure the tape is straight behind your back (think: where your boobs would be if you were backwards), then wrap it around your front. You should have it around the fullest part of your bust. Where the tape meets when it's snug (not life crushingly tight) is your measurement! Ta dah!
2. Everyone's waist is in a different place. Measure the slimmest part of you between your bust and your hips. Mine is really high up because I have such a short torso.
3. Your hips need to be measured at their widest part.
I wrote down the three things that I complain about most on my fat days, so that I could focus on finding clothing that proves to me that there's nothing wrong with those things (fat day Nichole is just crazy). You can do this if it helps, but DON'T do it if you're just going to beat yourself up about those things. I also made a little stick person to see if the shape I came up with actually matched mine.

Clothing found at ModCloth

Just because something looks nice TO you doesn't mean it looks nice ON you (I say 'it' because it's not you that doesn't look good, it's the clothing. Remember that). Above I've put two articles of clothing that I totally love, but I've tried on similar things and they just don't work for me. Any loose style sweaters make me look like a shapeless Oompa-loompa. No joke. Since I have a super short torso and little waist definition, my shape dissapears under there. This would look great on someone with a smaller chest and a long torso. High waisted pants are really popular right now, but not for me. My short torso gets swallowed up, so the waist of the pants is actually just under my bust. Steve Urkel could rock it, but it's not the look I'm going for. I also don't have much junk in the trunk (flat butt), so the lenth in the back just makes my hips and butt vanish, giving it a brick wall/diaper look. Also, camel toe. Enough said.

Clothing found at ModCloth

Now, time to show off what'cha got! I love dresses! I used to refuse to wear them, but now my wardrobe is almost exclusively made of them. Dresses are great to boost your self esteem because they're super comfy, easy to move around in, and it's easy to find one that fits your style and shape. The dress above has a lower neckline that's great for me because it elongates and opens up my neck, taking away worries about turkey neck. It also flatters my bust without making me look like I'll accept dollar bills. The cinched waist makes my hips look fuller and my waist more shapely. Bam! I'm a supermodel! This cardigan is great because it's comfy looking (part of the reason I liked the sweater pictured in #2), but it's got a great shape to it. See the way it cuts higher in the front and longer in the back? It will showcase my waist and help give my butt a little shape!

Fat days don't need to suck as hard as they do. Try to snap yourself out of it and use this guide as a way to focus on the ways to show off your body instead of hating it. Don't be hard on yourself because you had to buy a large in something instead of a small. That size is abstract and it changes. Focus on finding things that look nice to you and make you feel great when you wear them. I know this sounds preachy, but maybe if we did this more often there wouldn't be fat days to worry about.

Hugs and poops,


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