Thursday, 15 November 2012

Personal Celebrities - V Edition

I don't often read celebrity fashion blogs and I never buy magazines (unless I get sucked in by pictures of chocolate, puppies, or chocolate puppies), but when I was standing in line at the gorcery store the other day I was peeking at a magazine that offered advice on how to dress like a celebrity. It made me think "Hmm, who has inspired the way I dress?" and that quickly transitioned into "Who has inspired me?". I'm the first person to admit that what I wear generally consists of the cleanest thing on my floor and whatever shiny thing catches my eye first, but I really do have some awesome stuff for when I take the time to look slightly more put together. For those fancy days when I decide to shower and *gasp* put some makeup on, there are people that I think of who motivate me and who have inspired me to dress a certain way for certain occasions.

I'm going to do a series of outfits inspired by my personal celebrities (i.e people that don't make me want to puke).

Victim Role model number one is my cousin, V.

Clothing from ModCloth
Would V wear this? I don't know, that's not the point. I think this is awesome and it makes me think of her. My cousin has always managed to be classy and put together. When I think of her, it makes me want to be a more successful and productive person. This outfit is supposed to be a reflection of that.

When I was a kid (okay, I'm still this way) all I talked about was farting, Nintendo and dogs; but even as a kid, V was smart, polite and insanely pretty. Her and her sister were my first role models (after my mama, of course). V actually grew up in a way I never will. She's super sophisticated, kind, and yet still somehow quirky. When I have an event that forces me to shave my Wookie legs and where I'm not allowed to sit indian style on the floor, I try to summon up my inner V. To me, this outfit is class in a glass (get it, red wine...I'm on fire); the dress is a nice, classic piece that can be dressed down for work using the cardigan. I love this cardigan because it has little mushroomies on it, which makes it quirky, yet still professional looking with the addition of the dress and black shoes. The earrings are actually the piece that ties everything together for me because her favorite animal used to be a giraffe. They are a muted, gold feature, but add a little pop that would go un-noticed by the less hip population. Did I mention that V is also a mommy now? Whaaaat!? It's true, and she's awesome. Her kids actually make me want to smile and hug them instead of running away and showering (which is kind of how most kids make me feel). The bag is the final piece that says "Hey, I'm classy, I'm professional, I got a nice bag, and guess what? There's everything known to man in here!". I don't get to see V very often, but I just know that wherever she is, she's got a stylin' mom purse that contains everything you could possibly need. I imagine being able to leave work in this outfit, ditch the cardigan, jazz up the hair and go somewhere fancy.

Movie stars are great, but I'd rather get my inspiration from more personal experiences. I'm lucky to have had such a great role model in my cousin, and if I can leave the house in something that makes me feel the way that I see her, I know I'm feeling confident and I can get through the day.

Yessss, so, who are your personal celebrities? This has been really fun for me, so please let me know if you enjoy this kind of thing as well.

A huge thanks to V for trusting me to write about her. I hope you especially thought this was enjoyable.

Hugs and poops,


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