Friday, 30 November 2012

Weekly Wants - Santa Edition

6. World peace...
This theme of this list hasn't changed much since I was a kid. I'm super mature.
When I was a kid (and even now!) my mom used to repeatedly ask me what I wanted Santa to bring me. She told me that if I said 'world peace' or 'to live forever' one more time, she'd shake me (love you mom!). I guess I got in the habbit of making a list around this time of year, because it's a little thing that I still do for fun (also, because she still might shake me if I tell her I don't want anything).

Here's my super cool list for Santa this year (you can go ahead and just pass it along to your family as your own, I know how awesome it is).

1. Ninja Turtle backpack! This was made pretty famous by Jenna Marbles, but I've been eyeing this baby for a loooong time. I still When I was a kid, I would drop bits of my snacks into the manholes for my turtle buddies. It's about time I had my own eye mask.

2 & 3. I have a bit of a ModCloth addiction. I usually make my own accessories (here's one example), but I've been pretty tempted by the jewellery they have in their shop. At the very least I'll end up inspired by pieces like this when I'm making my own stuff or putting together an outfit.

4. I have a special place in my heart for a certain pixelated, mustacheod plumber. I also really love playing games. When I saw Donkey Kong Jenga, I totally fell in love. Even Boyfriend (hater of all games of the board/fun variety) said he'd play this with me!

5. T-Rex and tea!? Sold. ModCloth

6. What? Who said that?

7. If I'm going to spend all of my time playing games and drinking tea, I may as well look good while I doing it, right? This dress found at ModCloth.

8. *drooool* I want to smear this all over my face! The worst part about finding super cool things on the internet is the shipping. The shipping to NL on this product is more than the product itself, but I've heard great things about this shop and the delicious lip glosses, so any US readers out there are in luck! Promise to tell me details about how awesome they are if you get any!

9. This spray will keep the paint on my stinky, sweaty face! Urban Decay is my absolute favorite makeup company. Fingers crossed that the sell to L'Oreal doesn't change them to be anything like big daddy.

10. Batmanjammiesbatmanjammiesbatmanjammiesbatmanjammiesjammiesjammiesjammiesjammies!
I couldn't find the original link to this item, but there is a similar item here.

What is Santa bringing you this year? I wonder if he shops at the same stores I do?

Hugs and poops,



  1. I will have to get you to tell me where you get that lip stain from a past post. All I have right now is coloured lip gloss, and it just doesn't cut it!!

    I'm getting a new Camera, and clothes :D. Excited!!

    (Sorry I am replying late on your posts from this week, I was deep in paper writing territory)

  2. I'm glad you're all finished up!
    I'll have to bring you out when you get home; we can lip stain shop then :)