Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Finds

Earrings - EarSugar
I love knowing that something I own is homemade, and I love it even more when I can actually afford it! I've been dreamily parusing EarSugar all week (trying to pick which pair I like the most!).

Print - DogsIncorporated
This print reminded me of Holly. I would LOVE to have this in my house.

Nose Ring/Stud - Holyland's Treasures
This makes me wish I had my nose pierced.

Card - The Nosuch Disco Shop
This cracked me up! Holy cow kitty! Awesome and hilarious!

Leggings - Supayana
Holy creative and beautiful design, Batman! This shop actually has a bunch of beautiful clothing and accessories, but these have to be my favorite. I'd wear these until they fell apart on my legs!

Dress - Vivacious Vixen Apparel
This dress makes me hungry and happy! Is there anything better than being covered in ice cream?

Happy Friday everyone!

Hugs and poops,


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