Saturday, 23 March 2013

Friday Finds - Saturday Edition

Owl Bracelet - Fabuloustime
I love this bracelet. I have an odd facination with owls, I don't know what it is about them, but I'm entranced!

Love In Idleness Nail Lacquer - Literary Lacquer
I'm really excited to have found Literary Lacquer on Etsy! The lacquers are made without any of the yucky/scary stuff that goes into most nail varnishes, and each one is inspired by a piece of literature. How fun is that?! This one is inspired by one of my favorites; A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Eyes Frame Necklace - Gunrose
I love this librarian-esque necklace!

Together and Apartment Dress - ModCloth
I love the colours in this dress. Perfect for spring and summer whimsy!

Silver Dangle Wing Earrings - Aranwen
Must have these earrings! This picture also inspires me to dye my hair again...

Sorry this post was late again! I'm a lazy bum sometimes, you guys. I hope your weekends are off to a great start!

Hugs and poops,


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