Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Birthday Bellies

Dress - ModCloth
Cardigan - Garage
Tights - Forever 21

Hello! I've kind of been on hiatus for the past few days. If anyone out there reads this daily, I'm so sorry about that, but I just haven't been feeling well.

Monday was my birthday! I am now officially twenty-seven years old. A small group of us went out to dinner to celebrate and stuff our faces - and stuff them we did! When I left the restaurant I felt like my entire body was filled to the brim with spinach dip and root beer. It was also my friend Andrew's birthday, and it was nice to have a fellow birthday buddy to share the day with, even though the weiner scampered off to the bathroom JUST before a crowd of waitresses came out to sing happy birthday. I had to be sung to all by myself! He doesn't know it, but I plan on getting him back for that... somehow.

I hope everyone's week has been lovely so far!

Hugs and poops,