Thursday, 1 August 2013

Small Bathroom Makeover

You know how in magazines you see pictures of these big, beautiful bathrooms with designer finishing touches and shimmering tile? Guess what? None of those are my bathroom. Here are a few things I did to make my tiny bathroom a little more efficient.

I painted an accent wall a bright blue to give it a splash of colour without making the whole room too dark. I didn't want it to seem as small or smaller than it is, so I also put up a large mirror on the wall parallel to the accent wall.  The mirror really helps to elongate the space.

I hung a towel rack over the tub so that I'd have space for towels and facecloths, instead of just tossing them over the door or laying them on the side of the tub. This really cleaned up the room. I also organized all of my soaps and tubby time things into a basket instead of just having them strewn along the side of the tub. This makes cleaning up a lot easier.

Basically what I did was clean up the room and organize it more efficiently.

I put in a medicine cabinet instead of a regular mirror to help with storage and clean up clutter. Then, using a white board and magnets, I made a makeup board to help organize my very messy makeup collection.

Last, but not least, I organized my cupboard. The clutter that used to be in here was overwhelming. I used to dread opening the doors, but now that it's all clean and organized, it makes the room seem bigger and more orderly.

I know this was kind of a boring post, but I'm always curious to see how people organize, so I thought I'd share!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Hugs and poops,



  1. I love the accent wall. And your tub is gorgeous!

  2. you have a lot of q-tips....and tampons... haha :)

  3. Can you come organize my apartment? Hehe! I love the color on the accent wall. Also loving the tub, I'll be over this evening for a lovely soak :P

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic!! I saw the before the last time, so I can say this with confidence :)
    I can't wait to have a house again so we can do little projects like this! Love the blue, and the makeup magnet thingy, awesome idea!

  5. Where did you get the towel rack with the shelf above? I was just looking at them on pinterest today.