Saturday, 27 October 2012

Canadian Web Shoppers Rejoice!

I'll be the first to admit that I get overexcited about simple things, like if I see something I love while I'm shopping. Much like a kid in a candy store, I get overwhelmed by the awesomeness of whatever glittery object has caught my eye, and I jump to the conclusion that this item is the key to world peace. Thankfully, this doesn't happen very often (I'm kind of cheap), but when it does, there's nothing that makes my eye twitch more than getting to the checkout page only to find that shipping is way overpriced for Canadian customers. I call this "shoppers rage" (or whatever swear word comes into my mind first). To prevent my fellow maple leaf lovers from having shoppers rage, here are a few online stores that I find have great products, are super dependable and have reasonable shipping costs.



Urban Outfitters. Most people know about this site. It's packed with different styles of clothing for men and women, but I use the site for their fun accessories. They have stuff for the home, office and (my favorite) a BUTTLOAD of unique sunglasses. The shipping isn't super cheap, but everything else on the site is, so it's not hard to make a shopping trip here worth your $10.


Ruche. This site has a lot of really unique styles and accessories that aren't expensive. I haven't ordered from them myself yet, but I know lots of people who have and they've been very happy. For an American company, $5.00 standard rate is pretty great. I'll be trying this site out in the future, so if anybody ever reads this blog and wants an update, I can get one for you. :)


Mod Cloth. This site is my favorite. I've made a bunch of orders from this site and loved all of the stuff I've received. The sizing charts are easy to figure out and there is 24hr customer service. The site is also really easy to navigate. If you need something for a particular date, I suggest ordering at least a month and a half in advance, as customs is unpredictable, but I've always found it worth the wait. On an order of $100, shipping was under $5.00.

Hopefully somebody finds this helpful! I could add to the list, but these are my favorites. Forever 21 is a site I didn't mention, but I'll just hold out until after the 'sweatshop-like factories' debacle is straightened out before I praise them up.

   Hugs and poops,

**I'm not sponsored by any of these companies, I just really like them.**



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