Tuesday, 13 November 2012

All Of The Food Is Gone

Sorry general public, but in the last two days I've eaten all of the food in the world. I know, I shouldn't have done it, but I put it all in my face and now it's gone.

Since Boyfriend's mom has been in town we've been adventuring out into the world and getting dinner in the evenings. I've been watching the circumference of my belly grow larger with each passing hour, and though its progress is kind of amazing, I fear that I may explode. That's a mess I wouldn't want anyone to have to clean up, so maybe I'll cool it down after Mamma Two leaves.

I have something exciting to tell you, so gather the children! I'm working on a giveaway (act excited and start perspiring right now)! I'm not going to tell you the juicy details right now though, because suspense is fun and also I don't have details.

Since Boyfriend doesn't like to share his pretty man face with the world, I have no fun pictures to go along with this post, so I'll just leave you with this photo of me winning a beauty contest last summer.
My bestie was here to support me and put on my gown. She's not the bald guy.
Hugs and poops,


*I've been super slack and pooptastic with my last couple of posts, but I'll make up for it by making a bunch of posts within a couple of days, later.*

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