Monday, 5 November 2012

Quick and Simple Remedies - Doggy and Kitty Style

"Another pet post!? Nichole, this is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, are you obsessed with your pets or something?"- Yes. Okay, I love fashion and crafts, but my pets are numero uno in my life. I'd go around naked and never sew another stitch if it meant that the fuzzballs were content. This is sort of going to be a DIY as well as a pet info thingy, so hopefully it doesn't put anyone to sleep.

Anyhoo, today I thought I'd share a few pet care tips and tricks.

Okay, let's get right into it (figuratively speaking)! Dogs eat poo poo. Yup. It's true. Some dogs do it more than others, but in general, very few dogs can pass up a passed-out buffet. If you have two dogs and one (or both) of them are cleaning up the yard for you, try this: give the pooper some fresh pineapple! When pineapple goes through the system, it alters the smell and taste of the deuce! You won't notice, but your dog will. Also, if you have a doggy friend who loves to grocery shop in the kitty litter, you can feed the kitty some pineapple as well, giving you the same effect. This little trick works for most dogs, but some won't give up easily. With them, you just have to be vigilant and cover the poo in cayenne pepper flakes before they get their lips around it. Try to think of it as a fun game. Try.

Does your cat or dog get a lot of ear infections? If you are sure that your pet doesn't have a ruptured ear drum or foreign bodies in the ear canal, this little trick could save you some time, money and help ease your pet's discomfort much quicker. The Blue Ear Remedy uses boric acid powder, isopropyl alcohol and gentian violet to fix up an infection in no time. I've used it in the past and recommended it to friends who have all been relieved to have a second option to the constant vet trips (as you have to go each time you need a new perscription, even if your pet gets chronic infections). Again, I can't stress enough how important it is to consult your vet about things like this before using them. They went to school for a reason, and just because this works for most, doesn't mean it's 100% for your pet.

Yogurt is magic. Did nobody tell you? Yogurt is a great daily treat that can help to prevent flatulence and ear infections. The bacterial cultures in the yogurt help to keep ears clean by limiting the funky building up that can lead to an infection. Just a spoonful a day with each meal is all you need. I know that someone out there is going to read this and say "Noooo! Cats are lactose intolerant!", but not ALL cats are! Also, the benefits of this regiment are well worth at least trying. Keep in mind that you want plain, sugar free yogurt. For obvious reasons, the yogurt with a bunch of flavoring added to it isn't the same. I always go with plain greek yogurt, because it has minimal ingredients but all of the good stuff! Anyone out there with a pet who can stink the crowd out of a room will be glad to know that the same cultures help decrease gas, so your farty friend might turn in to just your friend! I think we'd all love just a few less stinky farts in our lives.

Just as often as we have problems with pets putting gross stuff IN their bodies (see gross problems above), we have problems with it coming right back OUT. That's right, I went there. I love a good poop joke (I'm four years old for life), but I'm not so much a fan of real life clean-up. When your pet is having tummy troubles, there are two go to solutions to try before heading to the vet. Pumpkin, either fresh or canned (not the pie filling though), is great for aiding digestion. It will help digest whatever it is that has upset your friends belly, and make should I put this...more shapely upon exit. Tripe does much the same thing. Think of it as the 'phone a friend' option. Your pets stomach isn't doing so well on it's own, so grab a can of someone else's stomach lining to help out! This is amazing, natural, works really quickly, and your pet will inhale it! It also smells like death and no amount of warning can prepare you for it.

I've come home to find that my dogs have eaten pounds worth of cooked chicken bones, raisins, grapes, chocolate, you name it. While I've been very lucky that nothing has happened to them, I'm still glad that I know what to do if I'm in a pinch. If you've witnessed your dog eat something toxic, a spoonful/eyedropper of peroxide is there to help. Obviously this is something to be used only in an emergency, when you need to induce vomiting. You need to get this into your pet as quickly as you can after the ingestion of the bad stuff. This is not pleasant for anyone involved, but it can really change the outcome of your situation. Hydrogen peroxide could do some serious damage if a large amount were to be swallowed, so definitely keep it stored out of reach.

So, hopefully this information will be of use to someone. It's just a few common tricks, but it's good to pass on the word, right? Hope everyone is having a great day!

Hugs and poops,


**I'm not a trained medical professional, nor am I saying that these things will work for everyone. I'm just sharing tips based on personal experiences as a person who has worked and lived with animals. I can't be held accountable if these suggestions don't turn out the way you want them to, but I am always ready to lend a helping hand and answer questions if you have any.**

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