Sunday, 25 November 2012

There's A Turkey In My Belly

Holy turd sandwich! I missed a day!

Yesterday was one of those rare and fantastical days when I was doing so much running around that I didn't even touch my computer!

One of my oldest friends (not the wrinkly kind, just old as in we've known eachother for a long time) came into town and we went adventuring. Yup, true story, we went out into the world on Black Friday weekend... it was insane. At one point I actually saw a lady carrying her crying toddler under her arm, purse style, leaping through messy aisles of sale products. Happy holidays?

It's always great when you get to hang out with people you don't see very often, and it's even better when you get to trample others while you're doing it. We went into Old Navy, which, I hope, is the closest thing to a war zone I ever actually experience. There were mountainous piles of clothing and empty hangers everywhere. If you looked closely, between the piles of clothing and sale hungry, deal addicted, foamy mouthed adults, you would find a wide eyed, frightened employee, sadly attempting to fold something, only to have it ripped from their grasp and thrown back into the pile of retail doom. Since the line up trailed from the cashes into the next city, we got out of there before we got swallowed whole.

Dee (my old, non-wrinkly friend), Boyfriend and I went out to supper, where I got to play with crayons and eat a mammoth sized turkey sandwich. It was delish, but it may take me a week or so to digest it fully.

After dropping Dee off, we picked up our friend Claudia and spent the evening watching movies, laughing and yammering about life. Boyfriend enjoyed a few beers, Claudia had some wine, and I drank a poo ton of water and tried to crochet. It was a lovely evening, but I didn't take any pictures because I was too lazy to find my purse/camera. So...
This is what fun looks like.
Claudia's hair and tights look much nicer in real life, by the way. Also, our heads are attached to our bodies and we are each lucky enough to have hands, feet and facial features. It would have taken less effort for me to find my camera last night, rather than draw this terrible picture. Lesson learned.

Anyway, fun was had by all! I hope everyone else has had a loverly weekend and Thanksgiving (if there are any US readers out there).

Hugs and poops,



  1. Wherever you ate had a boss selection of crayons! :D

    Also, loving the girly love. Friends are nice :)

    1. Klondike Jake's!
      I only enjoy classy restaurants, you know, the kind with crayons and caricatures on the walls.

    2. Oh, that's the place you guys took me in June! I loved the chicken. I don't remember the crayons being so awesome, hm. Maybe I was still jet-lagged.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the picture of us :) I'm glad you had a nice day too! thanks for the hangouts!


    1. Thanks Claudia! My artistic talent is overwhelming sometimes, isn't it?
      We need to have that movie date this week!

  3. That was one awesome day. Also, I've decided you need to narrate my entire life. I know all these things happened but they sound soooo much better coming from your mouth. Love you Duckie (get it?)

    1. Yay!!
      I did look like a fashionable duck, right?!