Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cookies, Cleaning and Drooling On Loved Ones

Today I tried to fit about two weeks worth of chores into twelve hours.

I've decided that I need a time machine.

Tomorrow we're travelling eight hours to see our families for the holidays and I wanted to have EVERYTHING done before we left. This didn't happen, you know, since I'm human, but I did get my baking done, and I kicked most of the mess into corners, so that counts as cleaning.
My sort-of-sister-in-law got in tonight, and it's so nice to have her back! I also visited my sister and nephew kitties. It's starting to feel pretty darn Christmas-y around here!

Is there anything better than being surrounded by cookies, shiny lights, bright colors and great people?

It's a beautiful drive across Newfoundland, and I'll be enjoying every moment of it while I'm unconcious and drooling on whoever gets the honor of sitting next to me.

Do you have any traveling to do for the holidays?

Hugs and poops,


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