Monday 24 December 2012

Another Happy Day!

Happy day to everyone, and merry christmas eve to everyone who celebrates christmas!

Yesterday my mom and I made fudge and decorated cookies while we listened to the most terrible christmas music I've ever heard. It made my ears bleed with christmas joy! It felt really good to package up the homemade cookies and give them out (especially when you get to see the cookies get scarfed down and enjoyed)!

Holly is staying with John over the holidays, so Oz has been enjoying being a single (very spoiled) dog. It's really sweet to see how he misses her though, and from what I hear, she misses him quite a bit too. When we reunite them they always go insane and run around like they're stuck in some kind of tornado!

I'm feeling pretty lucky to be surrounded by family and cookies right now!

Here's a fun rendition of a holiday classic (I love how they switched it around):

Merry hugs and happy poops,


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