Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Grand Adventure To Girly Town

My friend hosted a little shindig at her house last night; it was a sales party (I'm sure they're called something else, but you know what I mean) for a company called Arbonne. I try to buy products that don't involve animal testing; I know that sometimes it's 'unavoidable', but it makes me feel much better to know that I'm suporting a brand that shares some of my values. Before I went, I read up on the company to see what they're all about, and to make sure that it's not one of those 'disappearing businesses'. I also wanted to make sure that their claims of animal friendly love were a true story. Anyhoo, Arbonne doesn't test on animals AND  the products are all made from plant and food extracts/ingredients. It was actually really nice to flip through the ingredient lists and see that not only could I pronounce everything, but it was recognizable and natural. I'd actually never heard of this brand before, but apprently they're super popular world wide. One of the girls at the party has been using their products for over a year, and I probably looked insane because I was staring at her skin all night. I bet you could mistake her for a pretty silk pillow... her skin looked so smooth and nice! This is why I don't get invited to many parties.

We had some snacks, flicked through catalogues and talked about skin care. It may have been the girliest thing I've done since I was born with lady parts. I even tried wine for the first and last time (heads up: smells like delicious bread, DOES NOT taste like delicious bread). It was great to have a girls night and learn that there are other people who are as crazy as me about their makeup.

What did you guys do for your Fab Friday?

Hugs and poops,


Oh! If anyone in the St. John's area is interested in more information about Arbonne, you can call Christa (she was the lovely lady selling the goods st the partay). Here's here information:

Christa Cram

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  1. Oh gosh, what kind of wine did you try? Everyone has different tastes, so don't judge all wine based on one kind you didn't like. I am a huge wine fan, and I didn't try it until 2005 or so. Italian and French wine are probably the best, but depends on brand, type of grapes, etc. We do have some good Canadian wine as well. Remind me to get you to try some good wine!!! As someone living in Italy, I feel it is my duty!

    1. haha
      Thanks Mel!
      It doesn't really matter since I wouldn't continue to drink it anyway. I don't drink, I just tried it to find out the taste. :)