Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Vertically Impaired Holiday

For the past few days I've been lucky enough to be surround by food, family, friends and fun gifts! One new gift is a lovely camera, so you might notice some better quality photos here on the blog :)

My nan almost shot me for taking a picture of her 'homemade' cranberry sauce.
It's a christmas tradition for my mom to make chocolate tarts. The problem with this tradtion is that my sister now can't eat them because she's lactose intolerant, my mom hardly touches them because she's on Weight Watchers, and my dad isn't a huge fan of them, so I'm basically the only person who eats these little gems - and I eat the HECK out of them. At one point I ate so many tarts that I could no longer remain vertical. I'm not joking.
12:30 - First tart devoured.
12:33 - This is not okay.
Overall it's been a really great holiday season so far. I'm looking forward to a bit more time with my family before I return to the 'real world' of having to cook for myself and not experiencing food comas.

Hugs and poops,


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