Saturday 2 March 2013

Frinday Finds - Saturday Edition

Pin - Beanforest
This pin sums up why I have a hard time making new friends. If you like pins, you should really check out Beanforest on Etsy because they have a great collection of pins that are hilarious and cute.

Head Scarf - Miss Happ
Love this head scarf! Perfect to accentuate an outfit and cover up bad hair days.

Print - Bee Things
Frog, Dog, Hog!
I love this print so much!
Fabric - Stash Modern Fabric
This material would make a beautiful dress, I think!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. Sorry for the lateness of Friday Finds lately. Since I've been back to work I've found it really hard to keep up with the blog (I'm not quite 100% yet). Soon I'll be a lot more organized and the blog will get much better :)

Hugs and poops,


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