Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Coffee, Less Grinding

This is probably the picture I'd use for an online dating profile.
Do you remember me mentioning how awkward and kind of creepy I can be? Well, I think I may have reached my maximum potential on that front. Hooray!

There's this girl at work (who's around my age) that I've been trying to start a friendship with. I'd really only had brief interactions with her, but for some reason I decided to say this:

"Hi! I don't know how to make friends, but I want you to be my friend! Oh! Also, are you single? I have a friend who is single and he wants me to set him up with someone who isn't crazy and you don't seem crazy."

The scared look on her face told me that that probably isn't the normal way of going about starting a lasting friendship, nor is it a great way to set someone up.

This got me thinking, how do people start friendships, and how the heck are you suposed to meet someone nowadays? It seems like it's socially acceptable to approach a stranger if you're both drunk and can grind your private parts together at a bar, so why not meet up with a stranger for coffee? More coffee dating and less genital grinding, I say!

Anyway, I'm really working on being less - how can I say this - less crazy-ish in my approach to meeting people. Maybe it's working, because, for some strange reason, the girl at work actually went out for coffee with me!

Talking about this has made me want a hot beverage...

Hugs and poops,



  1. Nikki, I find it hard to meet people to, and i may say something exactly like this.... sigh, we should live in the same city!


    1. I know, I miss you. I feel like we'd hang out an awful lot because we're both home bodies. ha ha

  2. I think telling someone that you want to be their friend is a great way to start being their friend! And if she went for coffee with you, then it worked!
    I think in order to make new friends as an adult, you have to be brave and straight forward. I moved to a new town last year and really WANTED to make new friends but I had no idea how to do it. Then one day my coworker called me up and invited me over for board games. I never have the courage to just call people up! But we became really good friends, and I'm going to try to be more like her in the future.
    I guess making new friends isn't that different from dating. You just have to work up the courage and ask a potential new friend to do something, like you did today!

    1. You're right! I guess anyone who would want to hang out with you in the long run would appreciate the way you initiate a relationship because they might do the same thing.
      I hope you're way more comfortable in your new city now! May all the awesome people find you and bathe you in friendship! :)