Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Weekend Review - A Hairy Situation

Have I ever mentioned that Boyfriend is crazy?

You know when there's some kind of get together for the holidays or a special occasion, and everyone is hugging and kissing? Boyfriend is that person over in the corner trying to hide from all of the physical contact. He's my Linus (from Peanuts). Because he likes to avoid all unnecessary physical contact, he hates getting his hair cut at a salon, so I do it!

It turns out differently every single time I cut it, but I think I'm getting pretty good. It doesn't look like I hacked his hair off with safety scissors, so I consider that a win!

Harvey was very curious about the whole thing, and watched me the entire time. It turns out he was just waiting to play in all of the hair.

On top of being his hairdresser, I've also been his nurse this weekend since he hurt his shoulder. Of course I can't do anything besides massage in the Rub A535, but I like to pretent that I'm helping.

Besides the adventures in hairstyling this weekend was pretty relaxed; time with friends, time with the furballs and lots of down time.

How was your weekend?

Hugs and poops,



  1. Lol, you'd think he was raised by wolves or something :P

    Poor brother, I hope he's okay now! Totally random, I also hurt my shoulder this weekend! I was carrying groceries on Sunday and then by Sunday night I was in pain. It's mostly good now.

    1. His shoulder is still really sore. I have no idea what he did to it! I hope yours feels all better soon!

  2. I too cut my boyfriend's hair haha! I cut my own too. I'm not great at it, but it's satisfying to accomplish something like that for yourself.

    1. It is!
      It's awesome that you can cut your own hair. I should show you some pictures of when I tried to cut my own bangs! ha ha
      It was bad!

    2. Oh my, bangs are difficult! I have been hesitant to do that with my hair. I have side/swoopy bangs that I got professionally done FOREVER ago, and I just sort of trim it down from time to time. I really want the thick straight across bangs, but I'm afraid to do those myself, and the last person who did my hair for me advised me against it for some reason. And speaking of hair mishaps, I once tried to die my hair lavender purple, but it came out hot pink! I lived with that one for awhile haha.

    3. I bet the pink was beautiful! :)
      The most annoying thing about bangs is that you have to get them fixed up every couple of weeks. Why did she advise against them?

    4. She said they were hard to keep up with and that she didn't think they would fit my face shape. I used to trust the opinion or hair stylists, but now I just have to trust that I know what I like, you know?