Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Week Away

We're back!

Last week Boyfriend, myself and the puppies all traveled across the Island to visit our families. It's was really nice to relax, sleep in, and use cushy toilet paper. I got super pampered by my mom (who made me fruit smoothies every day) and enjoyed every moment of it!

Some trip highlights:

- Going to mom and dad's cabin. The weather was beautiful and the dogs ran and swam until they passed out. My only regret is not making some doggy fly repelant before we went - Oz had an allergic reaction from some kind of bite and was covered in little bumps. He's fine now, but I wish I knew what bit him so that I could squish it.

- Did I mention mom's fancy toilet paper? There's just something about not having your fingers bust through the toilet paper that screams 'ahh, luxury'.

- Boyfriend's aunt had her 40th birthday while we were there. It may not seem like anything amazing at first, but since doctors originally told her that she'd never make it to adulthood, it's pretty awesome. She's a really great lady, so happy birthday to her!

- I forgot to pack pants and underwear. Mom and I had to go shopping as soon as I got there so that I had clothing to wear the next day. I pack light, what can I say?

- My sister was kind enough to take care of Harvey while we were gone. She ended up housesitting for us and bringing her two cats to play with him. At first it seemed like a kitty war zone, but they slowly warmed up to eachother and started to play together. Why can't people do that!?

So that's what I did for the past week, did you miss me? :)

Hugs and poops,


PS: Boyfriend's coffee is a double D... that cracked me up!

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