Tuesday 7 July 2015

Shark Week!!!

Getting back into regular blogging has been way harder than I anticipated, but since it happens to be my favorite week of the year, I couldn't resist the urge to babble via the internet!


Given the fact that shark week is a much anticipated, annual thing, and that this awesome soap from Lush is sold out, I'm not the only person who loves learning about sharks. Why do I love sharks so very much, you ask? Well, not only are they incredibly impressive hunters who have adapted to survive over many, MANY years, but they are beautiful and misunderstood creatures.

Like many humans, the first knowledge I ever had concerning sharks came from Jaws. That film instilled an uneducated fear of an animal that lived nowhere near me, and also played a huge part in keeping me out of the water from my teenage years onward. Shark Week began as an educational celebration of this animal who needed to clear it's name, but in more recent years actually played up the vicious, man eating reputation to bring in viewers. Thankfully Discovery Chanel has returned to its roots this year and is just as much about educating as it is entertaining. I definitely recommend checking out at least a couple of the specials during the week, no matter how you feel about sharks. Learning is fun!

If you don't have enough interest to watch hours of divers and scientists chase after big fish, here are a few key points that will catch you up on the subject enough not to be ridiculed and questioned by friends or co-workers who, like me, might corner you and not shut up about shark week.

1) There are many different types of sharks all over the world. Though they have commonalities, they also have varying personalities, behaviors and things they like to eat.

2) Though they occasionally munch on humans, shark attacks happen way less than you think they do. There's probably more chance of getting hit by a bus than killed by a shark. Besides, there's only so many times something can jump onto your dinner plate without you at least taking a little bite, right!?

3) Sharks are in serious danger of extinction. The more we learn about them, the better we can understand their behaviors, protect ourselves, and live harmoniously.

4) Any excuse to dress yourself, your dog or your cat like a shark should wholeheartedly be celebrated with themed cupcakes and said apparels.

End Rant :)

Hugs and poops,


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