Friday, 2 November 2012

DIY - Pom Pom Accessories

I was craving some crafting the other day, but I wanted something simple. I decided on a hair accessory, and then remembered how someone (forever ago) had taught me how to make small pom poms. Why not mush those two things together? So I did, and here's how I did it:

You'll need yarn, a fork, a pair of scissors, material glue, some felt and an alligator clip.

1. Take your yarn and start to wrap it around your fork. Don't make it super wide because it won't stay together. The thinner your layers of yarn are, the less poofy your pom pom. 2. When you've decided that you're happy with the size, cut the yarn free from the ball. Leave your tails a little long so that you can keep hold, it won't matter, you'll see why later. 3. Take another piece of yarn and use it to squeeze together the center of your yarn spaghetti. To do this, you need to poke one end of yarn up through the center prong space and then tie it tighly to really pull the rest of the yarn together. Leave long tails here as well. 4. Now you've got a little bail of yarn that looks similar to a bail of hay. Wiggle your scissors in through the space on one side. Now snip, snip! Repeat on the other side. 5. Roll it around in your hands a little bit, poof it, and trim any scraggly bits that are sticking out. Ta dah! Welcome to Pom pom Town, population: You and pompom! I like mine to be a little messy looking instead of perfectly round, but that's just a personal preference.

Now you can leave it at that and just hang out with your pompom, or you can continue on and make a hair accessory (and look like a movie star).

6. Take your felt and make a little half sandwich. The size of the piece will depend on the size of your pom pom, as well as the size of your alligator clip. 7. Stitch together the open side of your felt sandwich and glue it onto your pom pom (preferably on the fugliest part). Now go use the bathroom and eat some snacks, the glue has to dry. 8. Shimmy the toothy part of your clip in through the felt. You can add some glue to the clip if you want it to be super secure, but I like to be able to take the clip in and out, so I didn't. Done!

You can make these pom poms into all kinds of accessories, even froofy dog collar bling!
Enjoy your pom pom-ing!

Hugs and poops,


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