Sunday, 4 November 2012

DIY - Doggy or Kitty First Aid Kit

It never hurts to be ready for hurts!
I have three pets, so I've been through more emergencies than I like to remember. Of course we take care of our furry friends, but sometimes there's just no avoiding some bad luck. I've never seen a first aid kit made just for pets in stores, so I made my own and thought that I'd share what it contains and why.

1. Baby wipes. I always make sure that they're unscented and for sensitive skin. When you don't have access to clean water and cloths, these are great to clean up a cut so that you can get a good look at it. 2. Sterile gloves. Just like in any medical emergency situation, there's no need to make matters worse by spreading bacteria and/or infection. 3. BAG BALM. I love this stuff! It was made to sooth cracked cows utters, but it has a million more uses; it's an antiseptic, so I use it to help clean up small cuts and scratches. Unlike Polysporin, this stuff is safe to be licked at. 4. Gauze. If there's a larger cut to be covered up before you can get to the vet, or if you want a barrier between the bandage and the boo boo, sterile gauze is the way to go. 5. Vet wrap. If you have a pet, you really should have some of this stuff on hand. It doesn't stick to fur, so it's a perfect bandaging material. Use this to; cover up wounds if your pet is picking at them; covering up a wound to help ease the bleeding before you can get to the vet; and for replacing the bandaging from the vet at home (only if you know what you're doing!). 6. Scissors. For clipping bandaging, gauze, fur or clothing (if you need to cut off something your pet is tangled in or make a sling).

I'm sure there are tons more things that I could add to my home kit, but these are my go to items and they've always done what I need in a pinch. Having these things on hand always makes me feel a little more prepared for whatever life with pets is about to throw at me. I hope you find this helpful and have fun putting it together. :)

Hugs and poops,



  1. Great idea! Having some styptic powder on hand for stopping bleeding (when clipping nails) is also a very good idea... especially if your cat loves getting her nails clipped as much as mine. Remember not to dip the nail in the actual tub; but to pour some of it out into a dish to make sure it stays an antiseptic!

    1. Your so right! A lot of people wouldn't think to take the powder out first, I'm really glad you said that! After cutting my cats nails, I'm usually the one who needs the styptic powder. ha ha