Monday, 12 November 2012

The Golem-Grinch Transformation

Holy poop. I don't know what it was about this day, but I'm beat! I went shopping with Boyfriend and Mamma Not In Law (now to be known as, that sounds stupid. I'll call her Mamma Two). Have you ever watched a person transform right in front of your eyes? I'm not talking Transformers style, but personality wise. My usually relaxed, carefree and funny boyfriend somehow shriveled up and became a Golem/Grinch hybrid. It was scary. The man really hates clothes shopping, but it was unavoidable since his current wardrobe is being held together by pure stubbornness and miracles. Each piece of clothing we handed him to try on was greeted by a murder threat and some comment about cutting us. It was pleasant. In the end, we all made it out relatively unscathed. Luckily, the Golem-Grinch shopping demon left Boyfriend's body immediately after we were done shopping, so the three of us had a really nice meal together.

When we came home there was a sick puppy waiting for us. He is in the middle of a terrible allergic reaction and has turned his sad puppy eyes to max power.

Seriously, just look at this guy:

I guess I must have been paying extra attention to Oz, because all of a sudden everyone wanted my attention:
Please excuse my extremely pasty face, I have the immune system of a dead person.
I had personal space once, I don't remember what it felt like.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a loverly day today, I'm off to sook my sick puppy dog.

Hugs and poops,



  1. LOL...... oh god..... I didn't realize you have never gone clothing shopping with him before. I generally just make him try stuff and tell him to suck it up. I am very sorry you had to experience this.

    Unfortunately I married someone who hates clothing shopping almost, ALMOST as much. Luckily he knows he needs clothing because he cares how he looks, so he usually just grumps through it to get it over with.

    My brother is a special breed, isn't he?

    1. Yes, special is a good word.
      I've been shopping with him before, but never with him and your mom at the same time. Let's make sure never to take your husband and Boyfriend shopping together.