Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Finds

Rings from OASAP

I first saw two of these rings on Elycia's blog, and immediately had a Golem moment (my preciouses...). I love fun jewellery like this! I guess I'm a cheapo through and through, because I don't ever wish/want for diamonds, but I always fall totally in love with unique, inexpensive stuff.

Remember me mentioning my addiction to ModCloth? I check that site about a billion times a day... is there a patch for this? I saw this dress the other day and decided pretty quickly that I had to get up in it.

Top to bottom: Blessings Through Raindrops, Blocked Out, Candy Cane, Primer Apples, Brick By Boring Brick.

I've spent an insane amount of time this week just searching for new fonts. Have you guys checked out Lauren's blog? You should! She's super creative and inspiring! The other day she shared a bunch of great fonts and it got me started on an internet adventure to find even more.

What's not to love about a line of products that can make you look like a pretty lady AND a smurf?
OCC is also vegan and against animal testing completely :)

Recycled? Multicolored? SHINY!? I think I might want to make babies with this Rebagz Handbags purse.
Don't judge my love!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all have a lovely and shiny time!

Hugs and poops,


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