Friday, 7 December 2012

Top Ten - Things I'll Never Understand Edition

Hugs and poops,



  1. The no bra thing only works if you have little boobs.
    The smarties thing is from the commercial, back in the day. Here it is being sung by a robot, of course:
    I hate Nicholas Cage, HATE! He is the SAME EXACT GUY in every movie, and I don't like that guy!
    I don't think anyone *really* knows how to properly pee in a bush. Case in point, I once peed on my sandal. Luckily there was a brook nearby :P

    1. But even little boobs must hurt if they're being catapulted up and down, right?
      And why though!? Wyy one color last? Is there a reason? This is why I don't trust robots.
      I love you. I love you for sharing my Cage Rage.
      I've also been on the foot pee train; welcome aboard! haha

    2. Think about it, little boobs have less weight, therefore don't catapult up and down. That's just science.

      I have no idea, they just thought it was a catchy song I guess? I used to like the purple ones best, so I saved those for last. It's completely irrational because they all taste the same. Perhaps my need for organization in my food is higher than yours? lol

      Apparently Cracked hates him as much as we do. :). Solidarity.

      If anyone bugs you about that, remind them that urine is sterile.

    3. bahaha
      I love you. Best sister in law ever.