Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Good Old Fashioned Love Story

Anyone for a cheesy story? (Thanks for this idea, Heidi).
I've noticed that a lot of bloggers include their love stories on their sites. At first it confused me, I thought "why would anyone want to know that stuff about someone they've never met?", but then I read some of the stories and my ovaries took charge. It's kind of like reading a sappy book; you like the characters more when you know more about them, and everyone likes a good love story (stop it, yes you do, don't argue).

Since I've been reading about other people and their mushy love lives, I'm going to share mine and Boyfriend's love story, so that I feel less creepy for reading so many others.

I met Boyfriend in university. I was sitting down with a guy I was dating at the time (his best friend actually, I know, stop judging me), and Boyfriend walked in. He and his friend were talking as Boyfriend and I awkwardly stared at eachother, waiting for an introduction that never came. That dating relationship ended quickly, but we remained friends and I started spending more time with his circle (which included Boyfriend).

Boyfriend made me laugh at lot, and I decided rather quickly that I needed to marry him, so I told him this. I asked him out every single day for an entire summer. He turned me down every time. Eventually I gave up and decided that a friendship with him was great and that it was time to annoy some other boy. I dated someone else and Boyfriend moved away to attend another university. We kept in touch.

After a string of events that I can only describe as unfortunate and poopy, I found myself to be single again, and very damaged. Without Boyfriend I never would have made it through this time in my life. He was always there for me to listen, laugh, and insult people who hurt my feelings. He was my very best friend.

After I graduated, I moved to the same city that Boyfriend lived in. I moved in with him and his friends because one of their roomates had just left. Shortly after this happened, Boyfriend asked me out.

I said no.

He proceeded to call me his girlfriend everyday thereafter (for an entire fall season and into winter) until I finally agreed that yes, I was now his girlfriend. We've been together ever since.

It's strange how a bunch of poorly timed events and awkward moments can lead to finding someone you love so much. I feel lucky to have him here to yell at for getting the bathroom floor all wet when he showers, and to breath morning breath at each day.

 The other day, we were leaving a store when I reached into my purse to grab a piece of gum. Boyfriend looked at me and asked for a piece. I only had one piece (which he didn't know), but I gave it to him and said nothing. Before we walked out the door, he reached up and touched my wet hair. He then took off his hat, plunked it down on my head and said "I don't want you to get cold". As we walked to the car, he with my gum, and me with his hat, I smiled, because it was a moment that really sums up how we feel about eachother. It may not be a super romantic story, but it's a real one, and I wouldn't change it.

Anyone need a barf bag? Yea, me too, but I love him.

Hugs and poops,



  1. This is super cute :)

  2. D'awwwwwwwwww! :,)
    My little bro can be a bit dense at times, but I'm glad you guys finally ended up together. :)

    In June 2008 I was in Tennessee at Bonnaroo, and I called home quickly to tell my mother I was alive and hadn't been trampled by hippies. She told me "I think your brother and Nikki are finally dating" and I was so excited I told all my friends, and the guys at the next campsite :D. Lol. (sounds like he told mom before it was official)

    Love is awesome, and finding that someone who makes your insides mush is great. *hugs*

    1. Thanks Mel :)
      He does make my insides mush, even though he doesn't try it. He's not romantic, just awesome. ha ha
      I'm really lucky that you guys adopted me into your family :)