Sunday, 31 March 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend I figured out exactly how much I can eat without being able to move comfortably. What an amazing problem to have! This was actually a pretty jam packed weekend, here are the highlights:

- Friday was a holiday, so Boyfriend and I used our combined powers to clean up the house a little bit. There's no way I can describe to you how big of a job that was. I'm a PIG.

- After cleaning and not killing ourselves or eachother, we met up with Rhyder and Claudia for a day of video games, hot chocolate and turkey sandwiches. What is it about hanging out with friends that makes you eat like you're starving?

- I ran into two old friends who I was really excited to see, I love it when that happens! I also ran into my cousin and his girlfriend (who I'm basically in love with), wich was really nice.

- Saturday was scary because it was sandwiched between two holidays. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but people seem to go insane when they can't shop for a day or two, and they feel the need to shop A LOT right before and after those days. The crowds were huge and I swear that people were buying things up like they were preparing for the appocalypse.

- March 31st is my best friend's birthday! Happy birthday Marissa, I love you long time! We went out for wings and had a great time. Our friend's girlfriend was really sweet about me awkwardly talking about how pretty she is and telling stories about me peeing my pants.

- I woke up to hidden chocolate all over the house this morning. Boyfriend is really sweet and indulges my favorite childhood traditions :)

I hope everyone else out there had a great weekend too!

Hugs and poops,



  1. I sent you a facebook message, and after I sent it I realized it would go to your "other" folder that no one knows they have, and so you might never see it. (In case you don't know, if you go to your inbox, it says "other" on the top left)

    We tried to go to a grocery store on Saturday and gave up! Nothing is worth that amount of traffic, or that long of a line!! I hope you did not have too many places to go!

    1. I went to one place I had to go to on Saturday and then I gave up! It was scary out there!

      I'll check my Facebook now! I had no idea that there was a mystery folder!